Reading teachers matter.

There is no nobler act than to teach someone to read.

Literacy is power.

It is the power to work and to provide for oneself and for one’s family; the power to participate in the civic and social life of our society; the power to learn; the power to pursue happiness.

We must be saved by love.

As teachers and parents we know that the literacy we strive to provide cannot be accomplished alone—we need to work together, and therefore we must be saved by love.

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17 September, 2017

How to Teach Fluency So That It Takes

Teacher question: I have a question regarding my school's reading program. My question today is about the reading portion of our literacy block and most specifically the partner reading and independent reading. I'm finding that my homog...

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 The Learner Characteristic that Leads to Different Learning       Last week, I pointed out that research had found few interactions in literacy learning. That is, research hasn't actually uncovered many situations in which different kinds of kids learn differently—despite many claims to the contrary.       The idea that research would identify important aptitude-treatment interactions has been trumpeted for a long time (Cronbach & Snow, 1977). It just hasn’t panned out, for the most part, when it comes to reading instruction. &nb...

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27 August, 2017

Does One-Size-Fits-All Reading Instruction Work for Everyone

Someone put a bug in my ear, and I started writing, and by the time I was done, I had two blogs rather than one. I'll set the table with this one, and bring it to conclusion next time.        One of the best things ab...

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