Making the Holidays Happy for Literacy

  • 16 December, 2018

Happy holidays to all.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Chanukah, December Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, St. Stephen’s Day, New Year’s or any of the myriad of other joyous occasions that mark this time of the calendar, I wish you joy and bounty

This will be my last entry of 2018. Stay tuned. I have lots of new content about literacy instruction planned for 2019.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs and to use the free publications, videos, resources, and other material at Shanahan on Literacy. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an entry, and please consider signing up your entire school, department, or district for a subscription (let us know of your interest and we can facilitate that).

It has been an annual tradition at Shanahan On Literacy to encourage everyone to remember literacy programs in their charitable giving. I’m only ableto remind you of wonderful nationwide and international programs deserving of your generosity. I limit my list to those programs with the highest Charity Navigator ratings (that makes sure that your donations really help readers and writers). Obviously, there are many other local programs that could benefit from your assistance  (many of those are listed in Charity Navigator, but without ratings).

In 2017, with the start of my new website, it became possible for me to keep links to these charities available year round: But an annual reminder still seems worthwhile. (In case it matters, I have no connection with any of these agencies.)

Please consider gifts to the following literacy and book-oriented charities:

Books for Africa

This program collects books for readers of all ages in Africa—it accepts both book donations as well as financial contributions.

First Book

Every year First Book distributes free books to 5 million needy kids as well as to large numbers of classrooms.

Jump Start

This program supports volunteer projects in schools with a focus on early education and reading promotion.

Reach Out and Read

This program distributes books and

provides parent reading training and support through pediatricians and medical clinics.

Reading Partners

This provides volunteer-based tutoring programs in 14 metropolitan areas around the U.S.

Room to Read

This worldwide literacy program focuses on partner training and book distribution.

United through Reading

This program connects military families through reading—making it possible for our military men and women to read to their kids at a distance.

Thanks for your attention. Keep reading!



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Jan Hasbrouck
Dec 16, 2018 10:16 PM

Thanks, Tim for all you do for literacy. Happy Holidays!

Betsy Serapilio-Frank
Dec 16, 2018 10:43 PM

Hi Tim,
Thank you for your expertise and your willingness to share your thoughts with us. I read your blog every week, and had the pleasure of spending a day with you as you shared your knowledge in Albany, New York several years ago. Every month, as I update our regional Assistant Superintendents and their teachers, I encourage them to read your blog, and to read professional research so they are better informed. I think teachers forget how empowering it is to be current in their profession, beyond the professional development they receive.
Make it a joyful holiday season!

Timothy Rasinski
Dec 16, 2018 10:53 PM

Hey Tim -- I too have enjoyed and learned from reading and responding to your blogs. Your blog is a wonderful resource for all literacy educators and is having an impact on the field.
Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

Jan McNeel
Dec 16, 2018 10:57 PM

I follow your advice without fail. Keep your information flowing because classrooms need your expertise.

Connoe Bohrer
Dec 17, 2018 12:19 AM

Happy holiday wishes to someone who guides my thinking and practice every day. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and insight with your professional community. I appreciate you, Tim and wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas and happy new year!

Dec 17, 2018 01:06 PM

I read your blog every week and appreciate its impact on my teaching; your blog has helped make me a more thoughtful, informed, and even-keeled practitioner than I might otherwise be. Happy holidays!

Dec 17, 2018 02:58 PM

Happy holidays, Mr Shanahan! Thank you very much for your generosity.

Mary Spencer
Dec 17, 2018 04:58 PM

Thank you, Dr. Shanahan! Happy Holidays to you, too!

Dec 18, 2018 05:50 AM

Thank you for your sustained and sustaining engagement with the literacy community, Dr Shanahan. Best wishes for the New Year (from London).

Dec 18, 2018 05:50 AM

Thank you for your sustained and sustaining engagement with the literacy community, Dr Shanahan. Best wishes for the New Year (from London).

Harriett Janetos
Dec 21, 2018 08:45 PM

I had the good fortune to meet with Linnea Ehri and Katharine Pace Miles while I was in New York in the fall. Before I observed Professor Miles' graduate class, we discussed all matters related to reading, and at one point she blurted out, "I'm just so grateful that Tim Shanahan is championing the cause of grade level reading!" I agree. Many thanks for all your hard work. Happy Holidays!

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Making the Holidays Happy for Literacy


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