Upcoming Appearances

Tim Shanahan speaks and conducts workshops around the country (and the world) throughout the year. This page updates frequently so check back regularly. Various agencies and groups host these presentations, and it is up to them whether a session is open to the public. Please contact them directly for further details.
08 - 08 Mar, 2019

Communication and Miscommunication Between Researchers and Practitioners/Policy Makers

Fairmont Hotel, Washington, DC

Lunch presentation at Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness.

09 - 09 Mar, 2019

Teaching with Complex Text

West Genessee High School, Camilus, NY

Speaking at the Central New York Reading Council conference.

13 - 14 Mar, 2019

Disciplinary Literacy and Teaching with Complex Text

Muskingum ESC, Zanesville, Ohio

Part of the state of Ohio's Striving Readers efforts. Will be working with science, ELA, and social studies teachers in this county.

16 - 16 Mar, 2019

Close Reading

McCormick Convention Center, Chicago, IL
19 - 19 Mar, 2019

Adolescent Literacy: Teaching with Complex Texts

Hyatt Regency Columbus, Columbus, OH
21 - 22 Mar, 2019

Integrating Reading and Writing Instruction // Teaching Students to Read Complex Text Across the Curriculum

Salt Lake City, Utah
30 - 30 Mar, 2019

Improving Reading Achievement in High Poverty Schools

Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Presentation at National School Boards Association conference.

12 - 12 Apr, 2019

Disciplinary Literacy

Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Cyndie and I will make a series of presentations at the Adolescent Literacy Summit

27 - 27 Apr, 2019

How to Improve Reading Achievement / Teaching with Complex Text

Lundring Events Center, Thousand Oaks, CA

Two presentations: one on what the research says needs to be done to raise reading achievement and the other on teaching with complex text

06 - 06 May, 2019

To Be Determined

Orange County Department of Education, California
06 - 06 Jun, 2019

To Be Determined

Warren County Schools, Bowling Green, KY
19 - 19 Jun, 2019

To Be Determined

Atlanta, GA
15 - 15 Jul, 2019

To Be Determined

Orlando, FL
22 - 22 Jul, 2019

To Be Determined

Lawrence, IN
24 - 24 Jul, 2019

To Be Determined

Panama City, FL
11 - 12 Sep, 2019

To Be Determined

Wichita, KS
10 - 13 Oct, 2019

To Be Determined

New Orleans, LA

One of the world’s premier literacy educators.

He studies reading and writing across all ages and abilities. Feel free to contact him.